Sequoia Master PC crash

Sequoia Master PC crash

The Sequoia Master PC is crashed or is temporarily not available.


Procedure using a new PC:
  1. Install the latest Version of Ergosoft
  2. Follow the Installation Description
    1. Note: be sure to have the same release installed on all Client PCs!
Procedure without a new PC:
  1. Select one of the Client PCs to make it the Master
  2. Open the Ergosoft ControlCenter (on a Client PC)
  3. Select the tab "Tools"
  4. Open <Maintenance Tool>
  5. Select "RIP Master/Client configuration"
  6. Switch from Client to Master
  7. Set up the Master (see instructions here)
Note: If the Shared Storage folder was located on the (old or crashed) Master PC try to get all the Shared Storage content to the new one. Otherwise all settings, image and user data, Presets, Print and Cut Environments have to be rebuild!

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