Sequoia Update

Sequoia Update

How to update Sequoia?
The update of the Sequoia version must be done in the correct order. 

  1. <Exit> the Ergosoft ControlCenter  on the Master PC
    Note: All Client workstations get a broadcast shutdown. Clients in progress get a message to save the work and close the JobComposer. The RipEngines and PrintQueues will only be terminated, once they are idle.
  2. When all Clients have shut down, start  the Sequoia Update on the Master PC
  3. After the correct installation on the Master PC all Client PCs can be updated one by one
  4. Start the new Version first on the Master PC
  5. The Communication Utility  reconnects to the updated Clients
Note: There is no extra installation version for Sequoia. Sequoia is only activated via the Sequoia Feature Pack and the corresponding license.

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