Important information when reporting an issue

Important information when reporting an issue

You want to submit a ticket to report a technical issue

In order for us to provide any suggestions for your problem, we need the following information.

Support Data ZIP File
Please create and send us the support data zip file from the system on which the problem occurs. It will give us a lot of needed information such as operating system, location of user data folder, version number, product type, license details, RIP configuration as you see when the RIP is started, current print environment, type of all installed printers, number of hard drives and network cards, IP addresses of network cards, dongle status, RIP Server log, and more.

Error Message
Do you get an (error) message? 
If there is an Error message, at which point exactly does it appear?
Please provide the text including the title of the (error) message (e.g. a screenshot of the message).

Problem Description
Please describe in more details what you did and what happened. If possible a step-by-step description.

Can you reproduce the problem or did it only happen once? 
If it is Reproducible, what exact steps lead to the problem appearing?

Image Files
To accurately analyze your report we need to have the original image files.
Of course, all customerĀ“s image files are confidential and only used for testing.

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