Mimaki - Error 11 or 202 Parameter

Mimaki - Error 11 or 202 Parameter

When sending a job to a Mimaki printer, the job is not printed and you get an error message on the display of the printer:
“ERROR 11 - PARAMETER ERROR" or "ERROR 202 - PARAMETER" depending on the model you are using.

The print settings and device options of the current print environment are not supported by the printer.

  1. Check if you are using the latest release of Ergosoft. Keep it always up to date.
  2. Check if the latest printer firmware is installed. Keep it always up to date.
  3. Add a completely new print environment and synchronize it after update the firmware and/or the rip software
  4. Click <OK> and leave the Print Environment after the Print Mode retrieval before changing any other settings

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