Wrong pressure settings with Summa S series driver - Ergosoft RIP 15

Wrong pressure settings with Summa S series driver - Ergosoft RIP 15

Working with a Summa S series cut driver in Ergosoft 15 (latest build) can lead to wrong pressure settings even the cut environment setting "Pressure" ist set to "device setting".

This is an unintended behavior in Ergosoft RIP 15 which is solved in Ergosoft 16.

Since Ergosoft RIP 15 is outdated, we recommend to upgrade to Ergosoft 16.

Still, there is an other work-around to overcome this problem with version 15.
  1. Back-up your system
  2. Download the the penultimate version of Ergosoft RIP 15 here
  3. Start installation, linkt to the recently used user data folder and and run Ergosoft
Please note: is not the latest build of Ergosoft 15. Ergosoft support agents will not be able to help in case of issues. We recommend to upgrade to Ergosoft 16 - contact us to get a free 45 days demo license.

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