Printer does not print - Job Status remains "Waiting"

Printer does not print - Job Status remains "Waiting"

After starting a print from JobComposer the job remains in status "waiting" even if the PrintQueue is online and the printer is ready to print.

The problem can be caused by certain settings that forces the PrintQueue to wait for information from the printer or attempts to verify certain settings.

Set the PrintQueue to “Offline” and proceed as follows:
  1. Make sure that the Job has finished processing in the RIP-Server.
    If the port settings are set to “Start printing after having rasterized all data”, the job will not be sent to the printer until it is completely rasterized
  2. If “Check Printer Status” is enabled at menue “Operation”, uncheck it by left click
  3. Verify if either the “Type” or “Size” box is checked at the “Media” Segment under “Check Media”. If it is so uncheck them.
  4. Check if the Printer is ready to print.
Set the PrintQueue “Online”. The Job should now be sent to the printer.

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