How to setup Summa S & Summa S2 Class plotters (from 16.4)

How to setup Summa S & Summa S2 Class plotters (from 16.4)

After an update the Summa plotter works not as intended.
You are confused about the variations of available drivers and need to know which driver to choose.

Just choose the type as described below:
  1. DRAG_HEAD supports the D Series
  2. TANGENTIAL_HEAD supports the T Series
  3. DUAL_HEAD supports the TA Series
Old cut environments are converted to the DRAG_HEAD driver.
When the old cut environment was used for a T series or TA series model, the model has to be re-selected from the "General" tab, where the T and TA series models are no longer listed.
You have to create a new cut environment.

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