Correct cancellation of a print job

Correct cancellation of a print job

How to cancel a print job with multiple copies and continue printing with the appropriate number of copies?

  1. Switch the PrintQueue to offline
  2. Cancel the job in the queue by using the context menu (right click)
  3. Stop the printer and clear its buffer
  4. Check the number of printed copies in the queue
    4a. Context menu Properties
    4b. Click Exception >>
    4c. Check amount of Printed copies that have been sent to the printer
    Note: Since the actual count of printed copies depends on the buffer size of the printer, the number of printed copies can defer from the number of counted copies.
  5. Proceed Printing
    5a. Change the number of already printed copies if necessary in the Printed field and click OK
    5b. Resume printing by setting the queue online again and un-suspend the job

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