Cut button grayed out / not available

Cut button grayed out / not available

ContourCut is licensed, but the “Cut” button in the software is grayed out and cannot be used.

  1. “Contour Cut” has to be activated
    1. Within JobComposer select "View" (top menu)
    2. Open "Tools"
    3. Check "Cut Environments"
    4. Now "Cut Environment" shows up in the Toolbar
    5. Click in <Contour Cutting> to activate
  1. A Print&Cut device is selected. For Print&Cut in one device, the <Cut> button is not active.
    In this case, cut dialog comes up automatically after sending the job to print( <Contour Cut> must be active).
    If you don't want to cut directly after printing, check if there is a “Use Marks” option available for this machine. If yes, it will enable the <Cut> option, allowing you to cut jobs without printing on the same device.

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